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This site acts as a central point of information and collaboration for the developers and all other contributors or interested observers of the "Clansuite - just an eSport CMS" project.


Clansuite is just another content-management-system, but this one is state-of-the-art and especially for esports teams. It's designed to effectively manage and administrate team-ressources, people, processes and information on the web, while (hopefully) driving better competitive results.

Because of it's modular design approach, it could be used by everyone demanding a feature-rich and easy to maintain content management system.

It's even suitable for "real-life" sports teams, associations, personal Web pages or to create the business Website for your company.


Clansuite is web-application for e-sport teams and clans written in PHP.

It's designed with simplicity in mind, while trying to keep in touch with the latest internet technologies.

The core is object-oriented, rock-solid while simple and plugin-able. This CMS integrates and merges a whole bunch of superb open-source libraries.

Object-Oriented Application based on Koch Framework
Clansuite is developed as a object-oriented web-application. It is build using widely accepted web development patterns.
Design-Patterns used.
It implements the Web-MVC design-pattern and maps URLs to controllers and actions, and lets actions render views.
Other implemented design-patterns are: Frontcontroller with Request Dispatcher and Intercepting filter, Singleton, Factory, Two-Step View, Facades, Adapter
Powerful URL rewrite and routing engine
Iterator, Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control (Ioc) via Phemto
Event-driven architecture
Native AJAX and REST support
Authentication and Authorization with session based RBACL
Object Relation Mapping with PDO via Doctrine 2
I18n support using UTF8 and Gettext
Form generation with client and server side validation and data sanitization
Two-step view with template based views for layout, modules and partials/widgets.
Doctrine2 acts as powerful Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL) and Object-Relation Mapping (ORM) Tool.
PDO itself supports the following databases: MySQL (sqlite, pgsql, odbc, oci, informix, firebird, dblib)
Use of PDO Statements prevents SQL Injections.
Caching facade
Logger facade
"SALT"ed password hashes for every useraccount - no possibility to decrypt neither the cookies hash nor the database hash!
Define userrights for every action in admin control center or frontpage.
Derived userrights from areas / groups / users.
Extra inputfilter class to ensure validity of incoming variables.
Precise logging of every step - admin contact on possible hacking attempts.
API that fully supports Web 2.0 Ajax technology.
Effect Libraries like mootools, etc.
SmartyAjax and Protoype supported.
Template Engine with maximum flexibility.
Editable, auto-installable themes. Support for main- and modulethemes.
Admin interface (control center) completely styleable.
Themeswitching by User
Languages / Localized messages
Clansuite uses gettext() based on current locale settings to display messages.
Multiple languages (i18n) are supported. Translations via an international translators website.
Powerful language editor.
Advanced permission and user management (Groups, Areas, Single user rights)
Flexible integration into SMARTY
Combined with admin interfaces and menus
Easy installation via one file (webinstaller) that downloads all necessary modules/files
"Step by Step" installation to offer a very easy way to install Clansuite
News with Archive / Blog
Guestbook per Site and per User
Forum (Bulletin Board Style)
Matches (automatic synchronisation with your league stats)
Gameserver-Viewer (instant query)
Teamspeak2, Mumble, Ventrilo Viewer
Static Pages Creator
...more to come..!
Feature Requests appreciated! Please use our bugtracker or forums !

Standards compliance

Clansuite's output validates as XHTML 1.0, and its stylesheet validates as CSS 2.0. Some people will bug you about validation, telling you it's something overrated, and no so useful. Don't listen to them.

Validation may not be the Holy Grail, but it will help improving the web one page at the time, and will save you some headaches when you don't understand why your page is somewhat broken.

Wiederkehrende Fragen

Clansuite is a content management system for clans and eSports team. But we want a system that works as a normal CMS and is used for other purposes. Is this feasible with Clansuite?


Yes, Clansuite is modular. Depending on the point of view you can imagine Clansuite both as a normal CMS that is complemented by typical clan modules, such as matches, gameserver-viewer or teamspeak-viewer. And on the other hand, it is also a typical clan cms, in which it is possible to omit the clan modules simply.

In Clansuite many third party libraries are used? Isn't that rather bad?


Our selected classes are all powerful open-source libraries that also satisfy our license requirements. They are used successfully in many other applications. Depending on your view, you can find that bad or good - it is a moot question. I'm of the opinion that one must not have written every line of code in a CMS project oneself. Whoever has the time to write everything themself, may do it. We hold no one ack to proceed in own projects differently.

We want a lean, fast content management system. Does Clansuite meet these criteria?


Who searches for a sleek and extremly fast system is ill-advised in the use of Clansuite! Clansuite uses many large libraries such as Smarty 3 and Doctrine 2, and is therefore generally not architectured slimly. None the less these libraries facilitate development activities by providing powerful support for developers. However, the impact of loading and storing these libraries has a negative effect on memory usage (memory footprint) and generates system load. In the scope of our possibilities we try to improve by profiling the code itself and the general performance by caching. Caching occurs in the areas of templates, database and storage used.

We don't want to see any javascript used or as less as possible? Does Clansuite meet this criterion?


Sometimes! Firstly, the use of JavaScript has become an integral in modern web applications and complete abandonment is an almost unnecessary exposure and self-restraint. Secondly, Clansuite aims to increase the usability for the user by appropriate use of JavaScript. Therefore we regularly use known Javascript frameworks (such as jQuery or MooTools) in areas of the backend, to increase useability and create optical illusions and effects, such as soft overlays, highlighting, drop-downs and moveables. Thirdly, frontend themes are created by users: so the user is responsible for his work and the decision whether to use or not use Javascript. Smaller commitments on the use of JS must be considered though, such as the login.

May I ask, how long it takes for the next release?


You are allowed to ask. The next version is ready when it is finished. For more information about the tasks which must be done before, you might learn in our bugtracker (Trac).

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